Substitution of control cabinets in 110kV Switchyard, S/st Besapara

DS Smith Plc.


Assigned: August, 2023 / Completed:  October, 2023

110/6kV Electrical substation "Besapara" is situated in the town of Pazardzhik.

To ensure reliability in the operation of the substation, as well as safety of the personnel, the obsolete terminal control cabinets in the 110kV switchgear had to be replaced.

EL KONTROL elaborated a detailed design for the project. Afterwards we assembled, delivered, and installed the required terminal control cabinets in 110kV switchgear. Project was completed by testing and commissioning of the installed equipment.

Cabinets for this project are made of powder coated stainless steel. They are fitted with ventilation grids and anti-condensation heaters. Protection rating is IP55. Cabinets are made with solid doors, with a mimic diagram attached. They are equipped with terminals and accessories produced by established European manufacturers.

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