Industrial Electronics Service Station

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Industrial Electronics Repair:

  • Frequency drives for synchronous and asynchronous electric motors;
  • DC thyristor power controls;
  • Thyristor exciters for synchronous motors;
  • Softstarters for asynchronous motors;
  • Photovoltaic inverters.

Preventive maintenance of electronic systems in operation.
Installation and commissioning of frequency drives, rectifiers, softstarters and photovoltaic invertors.
Organization and carrying out training for the electrical maintenance staff.


Our Industrial Electronics Service - Station provides the following services:



ABB Authorized Value Provider

  • Repairs;
  • Control Tests and Commissioning;
  • Preventive maintenance;
  • Training;
  • ACS55 and ACS15 micro drives;
  • ACS355 machinery drives;
  • ACS550-01, ACS550-02 general purpose drives;
  • ACS800-01, ACS800-02 and ACS800-04 industrial drives;
  • DCS800 DC drives;
  • ACS2000 medium voltage frequency drives.




SIEMENS Solution Partner

Control units:

  • SINAMICS G120 C/P;
  • SINAMICS G130;
  • SINAMICS G150;
  • SINAMICS S120;
  • SINAMICS S150;
  • SIMATIC S7-1500;
  • SIMATIC S7-1200;

EL KONTROL provides to its customers:

  • Technically certified contractor in compliance with the uniform global quality standards;
  • Better safety, thanks to more extensive applications and system know-how, proven experience in project implementation and expert assistance;
  • Excellent industrial knowledge allowing personalized and innovative solutions of the highest quality;
  • Advanced know-how on automation based on intensive exchange of expert solutions;
  • Most up-to-date solutions from a single source based on a comprehensive service portfolio meeting customers’ individual requirement;
  • Targeted consultations and assistance (also at Customer’s site) based on each specific application - from project planning to commissioning;
  • Accelerated project implementation thanks to our successful cooperation with SIEMENS;
  • Exceptional project safety and quality guaranteed by prefeasibility studies.




Repair Works

  • Repair works are carried out by a mobile repair team at the Client’s production site or at EL KONTROL Industrial Electronics Service-Station in Stara Zagora;
  • Our repair professionals are highly qualified. On regular basis, they take part in company training courses to improve their knowledge and professional competence with regard to the new series control units;
  • Our Service-Station has a Test Room completed in accordance with the requirements for handling electrostatic discharge sensitive (ESDS) components;
  • The Service- Station is equipped with modern diagnostic and repair equipment;
  • We use original software for precise diagnostics and analysis of the breakdown causes;
  • We use original spare parts and electronic components;
  • Logistic support from leading manufacturers of industrial electronics.



Prevantive Maintenance

  • Periodic maintenance of equipment in operation in line with the manufacturer’s instructions for preventive maintenance operation;
  • Supply and replacement of parts whose service life has expired;
  • Work environment and peripheral device status control;
  • Recommendations on measures to ensure trouble-free and long-term operation.



Electronic Devices and System Installation

Commissioning of new electronic devices including also:

  • Verifying compatibility of the installation location with the work environment requirements;
  • Power supply and electrical installation parameter testing;
  • Connection and parameterization;
  • Start-up & Adjustment.



Operational Staff Training

EL KONTROL provides operational training courses to the Client’s electrotechnical personnel with regard to frequency drives, DC power controls, softstarters and motor protections.

The training covers the following topics:

  • Principles of operation;
  • Design and structure;
  • Software;
  • Technical maintenance;
  • Safe operation.

Training can take place either at Customer’s site or at EL KONTROL training facility in Stara Zagora