EL KONTROL completes engineering projects in the power distribution sector, power generation sector, road transport and railway infrastructure, different branches of the light and heavy industry such as the extractive industry, oil & gas industry, chemical industry, food industry, etc.



Electrical Substations and Overhead Lines (OHL)

We have a considerable experience in the construction and repair of high voltage electrical substations (400 kV, 220 kV, and 110 kV).

Working in a 400 kV electrical substation features the highest level of complexity and EL KONTROL is among the few electrical installation companies in Bulgaria to participate in the construction and rehabilitation of six 400 kV electrical substations.

Completion of projects related to the construction and repair of electrical substations is a compound task. Each project usually starts with construction works, in particular completion of concrete foundations, columns, concrete roads, cable ditches, etc. If the project requires, a Control Building is either constructed or repaired.

Thereafter are the electrical installation works including installation and wiring of primary and secondary commutation devices, installation of complete switchgear, busbar systems, insulation chains, lighting systems, grounding and lightning protection installations. Cable routes are completed, power and control cables are laid and connected. Finally, the control tests are conducted and commissioning of all systems and installations under the project takes place.

Our experience with electrical substations:

  • 400 kV substations - 6 projects
  • 220 kV substations - 5 projects
  • 110 kV substations - 30 projects

Overhead Lines (OHL): Completion of projects related to construction and repair of high voltage overhead power lines. These include construction of a 20 kV OHL and repair of 110 kV OHL.



Mining Industry

For the needs of the mining industry we complete projects for construction and equipping of mobile substations, electrification of coal mining equipment, modernization of substations and coal excavators.



Power Plants under Operation

EL KONTROL takes part in the rehabilitation of Thermal Power Plants and Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) units. We also provide service and maintenance of C&I equipment as part of the Thermal Power Plants installations.

We complete projects for construction of solar parks, electrical installations in wind farms and cogeneration plants.



Manufacturing Industry

For the needs of the manufacturing companies we supply and install electrical panels, implement rehabilitation of auxiliary switchgear, completion of cable routes, cable laying, control tests and commissioning, automation systems engineering, repair of frequency drives, etc.

In 2017 we took part in a project for completion of a chemical production facility on the territory of the Republic of Slovakia.



Oil & Gas Industry

Since 2013 EL KONTROL has been completing engineering projects on the territory of the biggest oil refining company in Bulgaria.

We have completed contracts within the project for construction of a Heavy Residue Process Complex. Our works included installation and commissioning of electrical equipment and completion of electrical heat-tracing of pipelines.

Apart from that, EL KONTROL is completing contracts for rehabilitation of existing electrical switchgear and installations in accordance with the Repair and Maintenance Programme of the Oil Refining Company.



Transport Infrastructure

EL KONTROL executes projects in the field of transport infrastructure.

For the railway transport we have completed design and installation of a SCADA system for 8 railway stations, three main section stations and two traction substations along the railway line Sofia-Kalotina. The SCADA system installed in the 110/27 kV traction substation Voluyak allows automation control and monitoring from the substation but also remotely, from the Dispatch Center in Sofia.

Another project for the railway infrastructure is the rehabilitation of traction substations (TS) along the railway line Plovdiv-Burgas. We have completed overall rehabilitation of 110 kV and 25 kV switchgear and replacement of overhead power lines between the substations and the overhead contact system.

For the urban transport infrastructure we have carried out repair and rehabilitation of rectifying stations (RS) – as part of the trolleybus overhead contact system in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria, including elaboration of a Detailed Design.