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The IE Service-Station was created in 2012 to form a new direction of EL KONTROL’s Automation Department. Its scope of services includescommissioning, maintenance and repair of electronic devices with industrial utilization.

The IE service-station of EL KONTROL is the only one in Bulgaria having the authorization to install and repair ABB invertors. Itsengineers have passed training at the ABB University in Helsinki, Finland.


Reconstruction of the 110/20kV Switchyard on Substation ‘Slaveykov’

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In January 2012 EL KONTROL started works on site 110/20 kV Substation ‘Slaveykov’ doing Reconstruction of 110kV Switchyard. The Assignor of this Contract is National Electric Company EAD.

110/20kV Substation Slaveykov is situated in the town of Burgas. The Project for reconstruction of the 110kV Switchyard envisages substitution of the outdated equipment and reinforced concrete structures in the 110 kV Switchyard. Along with that a new field for 110 kV outgoing cable line is planned to be erected.

The assigned works include the following:


Еrection of a new Photovoltaic Park ‘Letnitsa’

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In January 2012 EL KONTROL commenced an order for the electrical part of Photovoltaic Park ‘Letnitsa’ Project.

The order was contracted with Schneider Electric France and concerns erection of a new PV Power Plant nereby Letnitsa town in Lovech Region, Bulgaria.

The scope of works include the following:


Helios Substation

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In October 2011 EL KONTROL finished the second stage of the Project for Erection of 110/20 kV Helios Substation destined to supply the increased power consumption by the Southern Black Sea Resorts.


Repair of concrete foundations of 400 kV Burgas Substation

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EL KONTROL started works for Repair of concrete foundations of the equipment in 110 kV Switchyard of 400 kV Burgas Substation.

This order is a part of the Project for rehabilitation and enlargement of 400 kV Burgas Substation, and it has been awarded to EL KONTROL by Power System Operator EAD.

The scope of activities includes erection of concrete tables and foundations for the equipment in 110 kV Switchyard, and construction of tubular grid of steel conduits.